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House Holders insurance Policy

There is no place like 'Home,' it's our most valued possession and our heaven on earth. Few things in life matter as much to us, as our home does. After all, it's the heart of our family, our possessions, our priceless investment and our memories. But often our heaven is insecure with various risks and contingencies. We realize your needs and provide you with a unique Insurance policy 'My Home Insurance All Risk Policy' specially designed to offer cover against various risks and contingencies being faced


Who Can Buy This Policy.

  • (a) Any Owner Occupant of a Flat / Apartment / Independent Building which is less than 30 Years Old and which is not of *Kutcha Construction can purchase this insurance policy for his “Building and / or Contents and Jewellery & Valuables, Works of Art, Curios and Paintings”.

  • (b) Any Tenant and other Non-Owners of Residential Structure can insure the “Contents and Jewellery & Valuables, Works of Art, Curios and Paintings” in the Flat / Apartment / Independent Building occupied by them for residential purpose


Scope of Cover

  • All Risk Cover” for “Building , Contents , Jewellery Valuables, Works of Art , Curios & Paintings” under single Policy.
  • “Sum Insured” Options for “Flat /Apartment/”:
    • a. Agreed Value Basis

    • b. Reinstatement Value Basis

    • c. Indemnity Basis

  • “Sum Insured” Options for “Independent Buildings”:
    • a. Reinstatement Value Basis

    • b. Indemnity Basis

    • * No Condition of Average applicable for Policies on Agreed Value Basis

    • * Inbuilt Cover for “Additional Expenses of Rent For An Alternate Accommodation”

    • * Long Term Policy Provision up to 3 Years

    • * Discount on Opting Excess

  • Sum Insured” Options for “Contents”:
    • a. New for Old Basis

    • b. Indemnity Basis

  • “Sum Insured” Options for “Jewellery & Valuables”:
    • a. Market Value Basis (Up to Specific Sum Insured )

    • b. Agreed Value Basis (Subject to Submission of Valuation Report)

  • “Sum Insured” for “Paintings, Works of Art & Paintings” strictly on “Agreed Value Basis” Subject to Submission of Valuation Report.
    • * “Contents” includes all Household Items ,Domestic appliances, Electrical and Electronic Equipments up to age of 10 Years and Portable Equipments up to age of 5 Years , except “Jewellery , Valuables, Painting , Curios & Works of Art.

    • * No list of “Contents” required where “Sum Insured” of “Contents” is above 5 Lakhs.

  • Standalone Cover for Jewellery & Valuables and /Or Curios, Paintings & Work of Arts cannot be Opted unless Contents are Insured.
  • Worldwide Coverage Extension for “Jewellery & Valuables” and “Portable Equipments” available on Payment of Additional Premium.
  • Automatic Reinstatement of “Sum Insured” for “Contents”.
  • Discount on Opting Excess , except for Painting , Curios & Works of Art.
  • Wavier of Condition of Average for “Contents” &” Jewellery , Valuables , Painting , Curios & Works of Art on Agreed Value Basis”
  • Long Tem Policy Provision Up to 3 Years.
  • Don't leave anything to chance. Protect the ones you love with insurance.
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