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Public Liability Insurance (Industrial & Non Industrial)

Public Liability Insurance (Industrial)

Public Liability insurance policy is meant to indemnify the Insured against the Insured’s legal liability to pay compensation including claimant’s costs, fees and expenses in respect of injury and/or damage arising out of accidents. The claim for compensation should be in connection with the business specified in the schedule of the policy and not arising out of pollution of any product. For the purpose of determining the indemnity :-

  • i) Injury shall mean, death, bodily injury, illness or disease to any person.

  • ii) Damage shall mean actual and/or physical damage to tangible property.

  • iii) Pollution shall mean Pollution or contamination of the atmosphere, any water, land or other tangible property.

  • iv) Accident means a fortuitous event or circumstances which. is sudden unexpected and unintentional including resultant continuous intermittent or repeated exposure arising out of the same fortuitous event or circumstance.

  • v) Policy period means the period commencing from midnight on the inception date and terminating at midnight on the expiry date of the policy.

  • vi) Period of insurance means the period commencing from the retroactive date and terminating on the expiry date of the policy.

Public Liability Insurance (Non Industrial)

For Non Industrial Risks, Public Liability Insurance cover will apply to any type of Non Industrial Risk like, Hotels, Clubs, Public Halls, Pandals, Air Port Premises, Film Studios Zoos, Godowns, Shops etc.

Multiple Units situated at various locations can be covered under single limit of indemnity per any one accident / any one policy period at appropriate extra premium.

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